Determining the Age of Your Reel

Trying to determine when your reel was made is one of the most difficult jobs of the reel appraiser. 99% of all reels made do not include the date of manufacture on the reel. Often there are patent dates on the reels but these can be very misleading because they are often for a feature of the reel that might have been patented decades earlier. Also model numbers on the reels are often mistaken for the date of manufacture. Some reels were made over a span of many years and there are only subtle differences in the model that only a student of the hobby would know and in turn be able to ascertain the date. Old catalogues from the reel maker are the best resources to try and date old reels. If they are not available then old sporting goods catalogues or old sporting magazines can often be very helpful. Again, determining age is one of the hardest tasks for a reel collector and this is where the many years of research and stashing away all kinds of old documentation comes in handy.

If you need help determining the age of your reel or would like to sell it please contact us.

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