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T.H. CHUBB – Post Mills, Vt.

In 1869 Thomas Chubb established the Chubb Fish Rod Factory on the banks of the Ompomppanoosuc River in the small town of Post Mills Vermont.  Chubb graduated from Baylor University and served in the Confederate navy during the Civil War.  After the war, Chubb moved to Vermont and along with a partner purchased a factory and produced rake and shovels handles.  After this venture failed Chubb bought out his partner and started manufacturing split bamboo fishing rods.  As his business grew, Chubb put out a catalog offering a complete line of fishing tackle.

Around 1885 Chubb built and added the "Henshall Van Antwerp" reel to his fishing tackle line-up.  Over the years Chubb produced three different versions of the "Henshall Van Antwerp" reel.

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Thomas H. Chubb - "Henshall Van Antwerp" - Black Bass Reel