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B.C. MILAM – Frankfort, Ky.

B.C. Milam cut his teeth in the reel making business as an apprentice in the Meek reel making company. In 1852 Milam partnered with Jonathan Meek and his name was added to the reel - "MEEK" & MILAM". Around 1881 the reels were simply stamped "B.C. MILAM" and later, when Milam's son, John entered the business, the reels were stamped "B.C. MILAM & SON".

Up until 1928 the Milam's produced reels in a wide range of sizes from the small No.1 size up to the larger tarpon size reels.

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B.C. Milam - "No.2" - "The Frankfort Kentucky Reel"

B.C. Milam - "No.2"

B.C. Milam - "No.3"

B.C. Milam - "No.3" - "Rustic"

B.C. Milam - "No.5"