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HARDY BROS. – Alnwick, England

Hardy Bros. of Alnwick England started producing reels in 1873 and would go on to become England's most prolific and highest quality tackle manufacturer.  Hardy made a full line of fishing tackle though fly reels were, from day one, their mainstay.  Besides fly reels Hardy also made a full line of spinning reels, casting reels, tournament casting reels, sea reels, and big game fishing reels.

Hardy Bros. made many different fly reels over the years, some of which a pictured below.  The Hardy "The Perfect" fly reel is considered by many to be the classic English fly reel.

Hardy Bros. is still in business today and their reels, both new and old, command a high price.

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Hardy Bros. - 3 1/4 Inch - "Bougle"

Hardy Bros. - 3/0 - "Cascapedia"

Hardy Bros. - 3/0 - "Cascapedia"

Hardy Bros. - 4 1/4 Inch - "Perfect" - Early Brass Face

Hardy Bros. - 2 7/8 Inch - "Perfect"

Hardy Bros. - 3 1/8 Inch - "Perfect"

Hardy Bros. - 3 1/2 Inch - "Perfect"

Hardy Bros. - 3 7/8 Inch - "St. George"

Hardy Bros. - 3 3/4 Inch - "St. George"

Hardy Bros. - 3 3/8 Inch - "St. George" - Multplier