Over the years there have been hundreds of different lure making companies that have gone in and out of business.  Many companies were around for decades while some companies were only in business for a year.  Older lures were often made of wood and were fitted with glass eyes or painted tack eyes.  A lure did not necessarily have to catch fish to be successful, many lures simply caught the imagination of the fisherman and sold well.  Below is a very small sampling of lures from the past, we hope you enjoy them.

Shakespeare Lures

Heddon Lures

Pflueger Lures

South Bend Lures

Creek Chub Lures

Wright & McGill Lures

Superstrike Lures

Jamison Lures

Paw Paw Lures

Zinc Screwtail Lures

Hosmer Mechanical Frog Lures

Aage Bjerring - Squid Lures

Unknown Lures