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Asbjorn Horgard was and angler who had an interest in building his own split bamboo rods.  He built his first rod in 1934 by studying a do it yourself book on building rods and finding skilled rod makers in Europe who would help him refine his skills.  By the onset of World War II had built up quite a business of building rods and reels.  In 1944 he was imprisoned by the Nazis for being involved with an underground group, however, after the war he began producing rods and reel again.  Horgard continued to make bamboo rods up until the 1970s at which point he started making rods from contemporary materials like fiberglass.  Horgard's reels were well built and many were finished with the gym locker green crackle style paint seen on this large example.  Besides big game reels Horgard also made a line of fly reels.

Asjborn Horgard - 16/0 - Tuna Reel