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C.F. FARLOW & CO. – London, England

Charles Farlow started his fishing tackle business in 1840 and the company has been dealing in the fishing tackle trade in one form or another ever since.  Over the years Farlow's made a wide range of reels in all sizes.  Although best known for their fly reels, Farlow also built baitcasting reels and big game reels.

Farlow's "The New Zealand" big game reel is a single action, narrow spool reel with a star style drag and a free-spool slide mounted on the rim.  The "New Zealand" reels were made for a short time in the 1930s and are quite hard to come by today.

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Farlow - The "New Zealand" Reel - 7 Inch

Farlow - Prototype Reel - 9 Inch