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Not much is known about the Hoesel Reel besides the information that is emblazoned on the reel's metal tag.  The reel was made by the Hallen Company in Long Island City, New York.  There are pictures of a Hoesel reel in Harlan Major's book, "Salt Water Tackle", which was published in 1939.

The Hoesel Reel is distinguished by its below the reel, built in reel seat design which required the angler to put the rod butt in one end of the reel seat and the rod tip in the other end.  The reel has been found in the 9/0, 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 and 16/0 sizes.  Hoesel's reel have a star style drag with the adjuster sometimes being shaped like a star and other times having a round shape.

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Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 16/0

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 14/0 - Unusual Round Drag Adjuster

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 14/0 

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 12/0

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 9/0