Very little is known about the Hoesel Reel's history beyond the information that is emblazoned on the reel's metal tag.  The Hoesel reel was made by the Hallen Company in Long Island City, New York which was founded in 1927 and was in the business of steel fabrication and welding.  It is known that the Hallen company did work on bridge and railway projects as well as work on underground utilities, foundations and other infrastructure projects.  There was a comprehensive machine shop on site that was most likely utilized to produce the Hoesel reels.

The company sold in 1940 to Frank Sandie Jr. who shortly thereafter incorporated the name Hallen Welding Service Inc. and they continued welding and fabricating steel for large infrastructure projects.  The Hallen Company is still in business today operating under the name Hallen Steel under the direction of two of Frank Sandie Jr's grandsons.  Unfortunately all information prior to 1940, during the time the Hoesel reels were being made, has not yet come to light.

There is a picture of a Hoesel reel in the 1939, first edition of Harlan Major's book, "Salt Water Tackle" which gives us an idea of when the reels were being made, however, the origin of the reel's name still remains an unsolved mystery.

The Hoesel Reel is distinguished by its unique - Below the Reel - suspended, tubular reel seat design which required the angler to secure the rod butt in one end of the tube and the rod tip in the other end.  The reel has been found in the 9/0, 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 and 16/0 sizes.  Hoesel's reel have a star style drag with the adjuster most often being shaped like a star, however, one example has been found with a round drag adjuster (see photos below).


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Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 16/0

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 14/0 - Unusual Round Drag Adjuster

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 14/0 

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 12/0

Hoesel - Hallen Co. - 9/0