C.R. KLEIN – Santa Monica, Ca.

Carl Klein

During the 1930s, Carl R. Klein built a beautiful line of big game reels at his machine shop in Santa Monica California.  Klein received a patent for his reel on August 8, 1939.  A creative inventor, Klein's interests did not stop at making fishing reels, he also built an eight-cylinder 268 horsepower engine to be used in automobiles and airplanes.

The engine had 16 pistons, two pistons in each cylinder operating from opposite ends to compress the charge to the center where it fired.

Klein also built a harpoon gun for swordfishing using compressed air to fire a harpoon over 200 yards.  A reel was attached to the gun to retrieve the harpooned fish.

Klein's' reels were perhaps his masterpieces as they had a unique look and were built extremely well.  Klein reels have been found in sizes; 4/0, 6/0, 9/0, 10/0 and 12/0.

Klein made conventional reels as well as a cradle style reel and both models were available in all the different sizes he offered.  Klein also produced a two-speed reel and repaired and modified reels by other makers.

Klein's reels were available with either metal side-plates or clear side-plates.  The reels with metal side-plate were often "jeweled" or "engine turned" which gave them their unique look.  The reels Klein built with clear side-plates gave anglers a look into the inner workings of the reel and are truly a thing of beauty.

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Carl Klein

C.R. Klein - 12/0 - Two Speed - Jewled Side Plates - Origianl Klein Harness

C.R. Klein - 12/0 - Clear Side Plates

C.R. Klein - 12/0 - Marked "B & M, No.47, Los Angeles" Pat. Pend." - Jewled Side Plates

C.R. Klein - 12/0 - Cradle Style Reel

C. R. Klein - 10/0 - Two Speed - Clear Side Plates - Cradle Style Reel

C.R. Klein - 10/0 - Clear Side Plates - Cradle Style Reel

C.R. Klein - 10/0 - Two Speed - Jeweled Side Plates

C.R. Klein - 10/0 & 4/0 - Clear Side Plates - Cradle Style Reels

C.R. Klein - 6/0 - Two Speed - Jeweled Side Plates

C.R. Klein - 6/0 - Plain Side Plates

C.R. Klein - 4/0 - Clear Side Plates