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Ted Bush immigrated to Australia from England when he was a very young boy.  Bush learned the toolmaking trade and loved to fish so when big game fishing rolled around in the 1930s, Bush jumped in with both feet.  Bush designed and built two different models of big game reels which he named the "Marlin" and the "Super Marlin"   Both the "Marlin" and the "Super Marlin" reels were essentially knock-offs of the Hardy Bros. 7 inch "Zane Grey" reel.  Bush made both models of his reels in two different styles, one to be fished under the rod and one to be fished over the rod.  Some of Bush's reels were equipped with a level-wind mechanism for distributing the line evenly along the width of the spool.

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Ted Bush - "Super Marlin" - 7 Inch - Over The Rod Model

Ted Bush - "Super Marlin" - 7 Inch - Over The Rod Model