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MONTAGUE – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Montague got its start in the tackle business building split bamboo fishing rods in the early 1880s.  Around the turn of the century, they purchased a company that was building reels.  Montague produced casting reels and fly reels as well as light salt water and trolling reels.  Montague reels are seldom found marked "Montague" as their primary focus was making several different models of reels for tackle distributors and retailers.   These reels were marked solely with the retailer's name or just the reel's model name.

Montague sold to Ocean City Reel Company in 1934, having produced a prodigious amount of reels.  A couple of Montague's finer ocean reels are the "Imperial" and "Manitou".  Montague also sold a line of high-quality ocean reels through Abercrombie & Fitch.  These reels are marked only with the A&F logo.

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Montague - 4/0 - Marked "Abercrombie & Fitch"

Montague - 6/0 - Marked "Manitou"

Montigue - 250 Yards - "Manitou" 

Montague - 4/0 - Unmarked

Montague - "Tarpon & Tuna" Reel - 500 Yards - Rabbeth Drag