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OCEAN CITY – Philadelphia, Pa.

The Ocean City reel company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania opened its doors for business in 1922 and in 1934 bought out the Montague Rod & Reel Company.  Later acquisitions included the Edward vom Hofe Company in 1939.

The majority of Ocean City's reels were mass produced and have limited collectors value.  Models like the "Orlando", "Balboa" and "Panama" are some of the exceptions to the rule as they are very well made and therefore sought after by collectors today.

Ocean City's "600" series reels were also some of their finer big game reels.  These reels were produced in the standard ocean reel sizes 1/0 through 16/0.  The larger sizes of Ocean City's "600" series reels include the 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 and 16/0 reels.  Some of the larger 600 series reels were offered with either a conventional reel seat or in a cradle style configuration.  These larger Ocean City "600" series reels, in particular, the cradle reels, are beginning to gain momentum among collectors today.

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Ocean City - 14/0 - Model 614 - Big Game Cradle Reel

Ocean City - 14/0 - Model 614 - Big Game Reel

Ocean City - 14/0 - Prototype Cradle Reel - Dual Drags

Ocean City - 6/0 - "Orlando"