SAMSON – Sydney, Australia

Ernest W. Tilley of Sydney, Australia apprenticed as a jeweler and left the trade to start making fishing reels in the mid-1930s.  Tilley made two Nottingham style reels called the "Kingfisher" and the "Velos".  Tilley also made the "Samson" big game reel which he advertised as "Made by Fishermen for Fishermen".

Samson reels were made of non-ferrous metal, immune to the action of salt water.  The reel had a built-in anti-reverse so the handle remained stationary while fighting the fish.  The spool ran on two sets of ball bearings which were protected from water and sand with one spot oiling.  All the parts on the reel were standardized if replacements were needed. Samson reels were built to fish either above the rod or below the rod.

Model #1 was a single action reel that held 600 yards of 39 thread line and came with a harness for the price of 6 GBP.

Model #2 was a multiplying reel that held 1000 yards of 39 thread line, came with a harness and cost 13-7-6 GBP.  It is mentioned that there were five other models to choose from, one being a monstrous 10-inch diameter cradle style reel.

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Ernest W. Tilley - "Samson" - 7 Inch - Big Game Reel - Australia

Ernest W. Tilley - "Samson" - 7 Inch - Big Game Reel - Australia