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OTTO ZWARG – New York & St. Petersburg, Fl.

Otto Zwarg was born in Germany and immigrated to New York where he found a job as a machinist working for the Edward vom Hofe Co. building fishing reels. Zwarg was a quick study and vom Hofe soon had him heading up the reel making division.

When the Edward vom Hofe Co. closed its doors, Zwarg acquired the rights to make three vom Hofe style reels.  Zwarg set up shop in Brooklyn in 1946, however, in the middle of his second year, he moved his operation to St. Petersburg Florida and the company continued to make reels there until 1958.

Zwarg made three different models of reels to include; The Model "600" - "Maximo" salt water trolling reel, the Model "400" - "Laurentian" multiplying salmon reel and Model "300" - "Saguenay" single action salmon reel. The reels came in sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 6/0. The "Maximo" big game reel also came in special order 9/0 and 12/0 sizes.

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Otto Zwarg - 12/0 - Model 600 - "Maximo"

Otto Zwarg - 9/0 - Model 600 - "Maximo"

Otto Zwarg - 4/0 -  Model 600 - "Maximo"

Otto Zwarg - 2/0 -  Model 600 - "Maximo"

Otto Zwarg - 1/0 -  Model 600 - "Maximo"