USLAN – Spring Valley, N.Y.

Uslan spinning reels were designed by Nat Uslan, the famous rod maker from New York, however, they were built overseas.  Uslan was famous for his five-sided split bamboo fly rods which he touted as being stronger than the conventional six-sided fly rods that dominated the market.  Uslan put a raised pentagon on the side of his spinning reels alongside his name to serve as the reel's logo, a tip of the hat to his unique rods.

The bail design on Uslan's spinning reels was quite unique with its sliding cowl style bail release.  Uslan's reels came in two different models, the model "500" and the model "510".

Nat Uslan moved to North Miami Florida where he and his son opened a custom rod making shop.  Besides selling both split bamboo and fiberglass rods Uslan's shop also sold a complete line of rod-making components to their customers.

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Uslan - "500"

Uslan - "510"