LEE’S – Miami Fl.

It is not known if Roswell Lee made all of the components that come together to make up the big game rods that have been found with his decal.  Lee is credited with the invention of roller guides and the roller tip so we know that the guides on rods marked with his name were definitely made by him.  It would also most likely be safe to assume that he made the reel seats and gimbals on his rods as he was a very talented machinist and these features appear to be unique to his rods.  Many of Lee's rod tips bear a patent dated August 4, 1928, which was submitted by Wesley Jordan and assigned to South Bend.  Jordan's patent was for a half round, intricately laminated, bamboo rod.  According to the patent, the rods were designed to mimic the flexible and resilient properties of laminated hunting bows that were in favor at the time.  South Bend dubbed these rods the "Crossbow Stave".

Rods bearing Lees decals have been found made of six-sided split bamboo as well as larger half round big game rods.  Like other rods of the day, Lee's rods have a strip of black goatskin running down the top of the rod for added resilience.

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