SOUTH BEND – South Bend, In.

South Bend was one of the biggest tackle companies in the United States boasting a full line of rods, reels, lures and just about anything you can think of for fishing.  South Bend made an affordable line of fishing rods for freshwater fly fishing and baitcasting as well as salt water and big game fishing.

South Bend's big game rods were designed and patented by Wesley Jordan and assigned to South Bend. The patent was for a half round, intricately laminated, bamboo rod and it was issued on August 4, 1928. According to the patent, the rods were designed to mimic the flexible and resilient properties of laminated hunting bows that were in favor at the time.  South Bend dubbed these rods the "Crossbow Stave".

Although South Bend rods are not considered high-end rods the larger big game rods were very well built and were used by many big game anglers.

South Bend - "Bimini" - Big Game Rod