Over the years anglers have always pursued larger fish.  With really large fish comes some amount of risk to the angler.  Fishing belts have cups or gimbals that are strategically placed to not only make it easier for the angler to hold the rod while fighting the fish, but also serve to protect the anglers "parts" that lie nearby.

Fighting harnesses clip onto the reel so an angler can use his body to help him pump the fish up to the boat ..... pull up, reel down, repeat.

Large kidney belts fit, you guessed it, around the angler kidneys and also allowed the angler to use his body to help with the recovery of line.

Tycoon Tackle - Kidney Harness

Tycoon-Fin-Nor - Rod Belt

J.A. Coxe - Los Angeles Ca. - Fighting Belt

Saddle-Back Big Game Fishing Harness

Misc. Harnesses & Fighting Belts