Big game fishermen needed a special chair to fight the large marlin, tuna and swordfish that were being discovered around the world.  These specialized chairs had several features that helped the angler to fight these monster fish.  Here are some of the features that came with the nicer chairs -

~ Rod Gimbal built into the seat of the chair for the angler to put the butt of the rod in to hold it firmly in place.

~ Seat that swiveled on a pedestal so that the mate could always make sure that the chair was pointed toward the fish.

~ Removable back so that the angler could pull back on the rod and and not hit the back of the chair.

~ Rod Holders so the rod would be next to the angler so he could pick it up quickly if a fish hit the bait.

~ Adjustable arm rests for the angler's comfort.


Lee's - Big Game Fighting Chair - Deluxe Model