As the barkers used to yell at baseball games, "You can't tell the players without a program".  Vintage fishing tackle catalogs are a great glimpse into the world of antique fishing tackle and what was available for anglers back in the day.  Today they serve as a guide that collector's can use to make a "wish list" for tackle that they are hoping to find.  For historians old catalogs are a great reference source and a treasure trove of historical information.  Many companies, large and small, manufacturer or retailer, produced foldouts, brochures or catalogs to promote their products.  Below I have tried to catalog some of these great old catalogs.

Ashaway Line Company - Catalogs

Edward vom Hofe - Catalogs

Fin-Nor - Catalogs

H.H. Kiffe Co. - Catalog

Hardy Bros. - Big Game Fishing Tackle - 1937 - Catalog 

Reel King Reel - Catalog

Tycoon Tackle - Catalogs

Tycoon Fin-Nor - Catalogs