Line dryers were designed to make it easy for anglers to remove the wet linen or silk lines from their reels so that they could rinse and dry their lines before they became moldy and began to rot.  Line was quite expensive back in the day and taking good care of your line meant not having to replace it quite as often.  There were a few companies that made line dryers but many were hand made affairs, some quite simple, however a few displaying great workmanship and character.

Line Dryer - Circa 1870

Large Homemade Big Game Line Dryer

Line Dryer From Arthur Kovalovsky's Shop

Aberecrombie & Fitch Double Line Dryer

Abercrombie & Fitch Line Dryer

Homemade Mulltipling Line Dreyer with Tension Adjust

Ornate Homemade Big Game Line Dryer

Ferris Wheel Style Big Game line Dryer