There were several different companies that made fishing line back in the day and they all sold different size lines for different fish under different names.  Prior to World War II most lines were made of either silk or linen and were sold on spools.  Today, some of the wonderful graphics on the labels affixed to these old spools give a fascinating glimpse into fishing's past.

Vintage Linen Line Spools

Ashaway - "Zane Grey" - Line Spools

Ashaway - Tuna, Tarpon & Bass Line 

Crown - "E.T. Andreas" - Linen Line

U.S. Line co. - "Fortuna" - Line Spool

Sterling - "Bass-Tarpon-Tuna" - Linen Line

The Bevin-Wilcox Line Co. - "Marlin" - Linen Line

Shakespeare - "Black Knight" - Line Spool