Over the years anglers have been looking for things that will help them catch even the wariest of fish.  Over the years many companies have been making products to hook even the most warey of anglers.  Below you will find lots of great old fishing paraphernalia from days gone by.  Have fun looking and try not to get hooked on old fishing tackle.

Adirondack Fishing Creel

Fishing Flags

Pllueger - "Zane Grey" - Big Game Fishing Hook

Pflueger - "Sobey" - Big Game Hooks

Hardy Bros. - "Scarboro" - Hook & Leader

Hardy Bros - Grease Guns & Oilers - For Big Game Reels

Cabo Blanco Fishing Club 

International Tuna Cup Match - Nova Scotia - 1951

Vintage Oil Bottle

K-Bar - "Zane Grey" - Fishing Knives

Vintage Fishing Knife

United States Tuna Team Memoribillia

Fishing Flasks

Hooks & Leaders - For Big Game Fishing

Vintage Fishing Clubs Memorabillia