Like all sportsmen, many anglers love competition and nothing says "I won" quite like a big trophy.  Over the years there have been thousands of competitions in both fishing and casting and trophies are always on the scene waiting to be handed out so they can be engraved with the winner's name.  Some trophies are awarded for the largest fish while others are awarded for the best hard luck story, regardless, they all eventually end up in a cardboard box in the garage and are sold in a garage sale or, as of late, on e-bay.  Below are some fine examples of trophies from the past.

Tuna Club - Coxe Consoltation Cup - 1914

Bay of Islands New Zealand - Award to Capt. L.D. Mitchell - Largest Game Fish Caught in 1926-1927 Season

Bimini Marlin & Tuna Club Trophy - 1956 Blue Marlin Tournament

Bimini Marlin & Tuna Club Plaque

Bimini Native Fishing Tournament - Bimini Progressive Sporting Club

Cat Cay Tuna Tournament Trophy

Cat Cay Tuna Tournament Award

Cay Cay Club - White Marlin Tournament Trophy

Nova Scotia Intercollegiate Gamefish Seminar & Fishing Match

State of Maine Tuna Tournament