Teasers were the brainchild of big game angler Zane Grey.  Trolling for big game fish requires patience, often an angler will go hours or even days trying to raise a fish.  Pulling live or dead bait through the water for any amount of time would soften up the bait and turn them to mush.  Grey came up with the idea to make a fish-like substitute that would mimic live bait.  The idea was to troll the teasers behind the boat and when a fish was spotted coming up to investigate them they would be pulled up to the boat and fresh bait on hooks would be dropped back to try and intice the fish to strike.  Several companies made teasers and a few of them are listed below.

South Bend "Zane Grey" Teasers and "Oreno" Teasers

Arthur Kovalovsky Teasers - Made For Zane Grey

"Zane Grey" Chrome Teaser In South Bend "Zane Grey" Teaser Box - Sold By "Sil Rohu" - Sydney Australia

Hardy Bros. - Alnwick England - Teasers

William Southam - Sydney Australia - Teaser

Martin Teasers

"Little Sarge" - Teaser