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Endicott Wilson reels were some of the last high-quality big game reels produced after World War II.  These handmade big game reels were made by the Endicott Wilson Corporation located at 936 Lafayette Building in Detroit Michigan.  The reel came in five patented "Drumond" models which included sizes; 4/0, 6/0, 9/0, and 12/0.  The company also made the "Deluxe" which was a two-speed version of their 12/0 reel.

The Endicott Wilson reels were advertised as having the following features; no gadgets - no oiling - non-corrosive - streamlined - precision made - smooth ball bearing action - adjustable to rod and line strength.

Endicott Wilson's advertising also stated - "the brake expands internally against the full length of spool giving 4 1/2 times the usual braking surface".  When the lever style drag adjuster is engaged, the brake pads expand inside the large arbor of the spool creating drag.  It was this innovative braking system that made the Endicott Wilson reels unique.

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Endicott Wilson - 12/0 "Deluxe" - Two-Speed Reel