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G.W. GAYLE & SON CO. – Frankfort, Ky.

George Gayle started making high quality casting reels in the mid-1880s in Frankfort Kentucky with his son Clarence.  Gayle's reels were mostly made of either brass or German silver, however, a few examples have been found made with hard rubber side plates.  Gayle's hand-made reels are considered very collectible today.

George Gayle died in 1896 but his son Clarence continued to build reels up until the beginning of WWII.  Gayle also made a Tarpon & Tuna reel for salt water anglers that he named the "Intrinsic".  This reel was made of German silver with hard rubber side plates and was of the highest-quality.

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G.W. Gayle & Son Co. - "Intrinsic" Tarpon & Tuna Reel - Made for William Mills & Son