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The first exhibition of tournament casting that was held this side of the Atlantic took place at the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876.  During the course of this tournament, Ernest Holzmann shocked his fellow casting competitors by making a cast of 258 feet.

Holzmann had designed and built a tournament casting reel just for the occasion.  Not only was he successful in his bid to become a casting champion, but he also found that there was a market for the reels like the one he had made for himself.  Holzmann made the decision to go into business building fine, high-quality tournament casting reels and surf casting reels.  Holzman's handmade reels are some of the smoothest running reels ever built and are highly sought after by collectors today.

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Holzmann - Salmon Fly Reel

Holzmann - Surf Casting Reel

Holzmann - Surf Casting Reel

Holzmann - Surf Casting Reel