MODERN ARMS CO. LTD. – London England

The Modern Arms Company was founded in 1923 and was located at 133 Fenchurch Street in London later opening another facility in Windmore, Bromley in Kent.  In 1928 they became a limited liability company and changed their name to the Modern Arms Co. Ltd.  During their run they were manufacturers of fishing rods, reels, and much misc. tackle.  Modern Arms also produced sporting guns, air guns, air pistols, ammunition, and educational drawing equipment.  By 1933 Modern Arms had established themselves in Cambridge as well as London and Bromley.

Before and after WWII Modern Arms made a full line of bamboo fly, casting, and salt water rods as well as several different models of reels.  A couple of the most unusual reels Modern Arms produced were the Pixie and Snap-em Bakelite fly reels. Modern Arms Co was well known in the 1960s for their progression in rod making. They made some of the first hollow glass beach rods that were touted to be unbreakable. They also had a range of white solid glass boat rods and a hollow glass boat rod which was painted blue

Sometime during the early 1930s Modern Arms Co. Ltd. built their masterpiece, a big game fishing reel designed by Mr. Harding that was awarded patent No. 409468 in 1933.  The reel was named after its inventor, hence The "Harding" Reel.  The Harding Reel was reviewed by the British Angling Gazette in 1935 and they reported that this mammoth 8 1/4 inch diameter tuna reel cost 50 GBP ($4,700 in today's US dollars) when new.  To date, the reel shown below is the only example that has been found to date of this massive and unique English big game reel.