Arthur Kovalovsky is famous for his high quality "Hand Made" big game fishing reels, some say the best big game reel ever made.  Kovalovsky also made some very fine big game fishing rods to go with his reels.  Kovalovsky used a variety of guides including his spiraling wire "never fowl" guides.  He also made several different versions of roller guides each version more unique and innovative than the previous version.

Besides making a conventional curved reel seat, Kovalovsky also made a flat reel seat to match the foot on some of his big game reels.  Kovalovsky also designed a special locking reel seat that he used on some of his most expensive "Zane Grey" model reels.

Most Kovalovsky rods are made of solid, round hickory but he also made six-sided split bamboo rods as well.  The fore-grips on Kovalovsky rods were either a heavy cord type material or wrapped in leather, later a hard rubber type material was used on some of his larger rods.

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Arthur Kovalovsky Rod - Locking Reel Seat For "Zane Grey" Reel

Arthur Kovalovsky Rod - Big Game Rod